Senior Digital and Government Relations

Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
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Job Type   :
Full Time
Job Industry   :
Information Technology and Services
Job Function   :
Experience   :
Senior Staff/ Supervisor / Coordinator / Team Leader
Education   :
Bachelor Degree


  • Senior Digital Strategist & Government Relations
  • About Qlue
  • Qlue is a social media platform that lets you connect with your neighbourhood as
  • well as to improve its condition. We work together with government to allow
  • citizens to report problems in real-time and gives the government the ability to
  • monitor officials and to address the problems. We worked closely with city
  • institutions, local communities, and police departments in combating threats
  • such as drugs, terrorism, and other crime-related reports.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Digital Strategist:
  • * Set digital marketing strategies using all necessary tools (e.g. website,
  • emails, social media and blogs).
  • * Develop content framework and copywriting to boost the brand’s performance.
  • * Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the
  • insights.
  • * Build strong clients relationships through social media interaction, but not
  • limited on social media.
  • * Keep up-to-date with our audience’s preferences and proactively suggest new
  • campaigns.
  • * Liaise with Marketing, Sales, Design teams to optimize customer experience
  • and ensure brand consistency.
  • * Establish best practices in digital marketing.
  • Public & Government Relations
  • * Lead the strategic process and coordinate with various stakeholders including
  • government to identify opportunities to expand our market reach, accelerate
  • penetration through commercial/channel activities
  • * Work with various central and regional commercial marketing functions to
  • identify potential gap-fills through partnerships or M&A opportunities
  • * Coordinate with the various marketing and commercial teams to build a case
  • for value and demand generation, competitive advantage, improved customer
  • experience
  • * Work with various operational functions to assess the feasibility of
  • implementation and support
  • * Work with commercial team to assess the commercial value and desirability
  • * Build financial models that highlight incremental value, return on
  • investment, risk, and sensitivity
  • * Work with Business Development to identify potential partners, collaborators
  • or M&A opportunities that fit the criteria set forth through the strategic
  • process
  • * Build the business case and present to the executive team
  • * Strong administration skills as well as negotiations with partners.


  • Requirements:
  • Digital Strategist
  • * Preferably 3-5 years working experience in service industry (Telco, Banking)
  • or government-related.
  • * Able to handle crisis management.
  • * Experience implementing and optimizing digital campaigns, nationwide event
  • and campaign.
  • * Solid knowledge of web analytics tools.
  • * Confident, sociable, ambitious and flexible character.
  • * An upbeat, well spoken team player who enjoys the random joys of working in a
  • startup environment.
  • * Technology savvy, understand how the media works, and can use the media to
  • promote Qlue’s program in a positive way.
  • * A problem solver who is always looking to help get things done.
  • * Familiar with branding measurement (offline and online, from engagement rate
  • in social media to BHT).
  • * Able to analyze the competitive review and identifying the emerging
  • competitor.
  • * Experienced in supervising the creative output in video, content writing and
  • visual.
  • * Understand the overall process of creative production.
  • * Anyone from digital agency especially from account and strategy department or
  • creative group head are encouraged to apply.
  • Public & Government Relations
  • * Minimum 3 to 7 years of experience in PR or branding, especially in digital
  • * Experienced in crisis management and/or customer service management
  • * Experienced in making a clear statement in the press release and email blast
  • * Experienced in converting mass people to product user is a must
  • * Experienced in handling/running a national scale campaign
  • * Experienced in engaging and maintain the relationship with media.


  • Perks: 

    • To see your work help shape a new product that makes a difference for likely millions of people.
    • Catered  lunches, free coffee, and snack, paid time-off on your birthday, ping  pong table, swimming pool, team building activity, BBQ night in green  zen office.
    • Weekly happy hour, bi-weekly hacking day, amazing work-life balance.
    • Be the early members of a rising startup, that has set significant milestones in a novelty smart city industry.
    • Be in a good company where people with good heart work      together, who are innovation-driven to shape the nation for the better.
    • Premier medical benefits and insurance.



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Company Industry : Information Technology and Services

Phone : 021 - 7182238

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